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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Little Piggy


These little piggies hopefully stayed home...
Mother/Child Love

The Golden Mean Proportions
This couple, their daughter and friends will make you happy. What a family should look like. Visit their website and watch their video at a concert having good clean fun.
They made this thing. (he's a great iron sculptor)

 The Golden Mean

See what the Golden Sun can do for us...


 Cardboard Art
(thinking outside the box)

Houses Made of Pallets
Tiny House Blog
this site is amazing, it's a real movement for alternative housing..
 Beautiful Teapot and Cup and Saucer
I have the teapot, hopefully someday the cup and saucer...
Purple Roses
They're so beautiful to look at but don't like the dead soil in my yard in Arizona.
click here for wiki on Permaculture..
(working on amending that)
click here to see more permaculture ideas


 All Living Things
 Dogs on sofas

 Pudgy Mudgy
Little Red Haired Girl

 Little Red Haired Girl's favorite Gwammaw with her teeth in
 Little Red Haired Girl's favorite Gwammaw with her teeth out!

Beautiful clouds in the sky. One of my favorite things. 
(want to learn to paint them someday)


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